How Tyler got to be famous on Pinterest

Have you had a chance to look at Pinterest yet? It really is the most fun website. It's a visual pin board of things you love. Add the 'pin it' button to your tool bar and you can pin stuff from anywhere. I really like it a lot.

I posted this picture a couple of days ago. It's Tyler aka. Little Guy in his klt:works t shirt. He's a huge fan of this little owl. He came to me last night clutching the softie owl Christmas decoration and said "LOOK! It's the same as my t shirt and my BAG!"  The bag has been missing for a while. Sometimes Noodle takes stuff to school and forgets to bring it home. Mr. Mee a Bee also hides things. I was surprised Little Guy remembers the bag.

Today I got an email to say that this picture is now on Pinterest! In Kristin's klt:works spotted album. How cool it is to be internet-famous. if you are on Pinterest you can re-pin this picture to your board! Kristin will love you for it.

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