A jumble of thoughts for Friday - free shipping too!

Over in the US everyone is letting their belts out a bit after their big turkey festival. Personally I don't eat turkey but I do like the idea of giving thanks and sharing family memories.

Come Friday there's a huge stampede to the shops with drastic reductions on prices everywhere. That might be fun ... or not.

In Japan the first few days of the new year have historically been sale days. Each shop would prepare a lucky dip bag of goodies for customers to seize up. They are at set prices starting from about $20 or $30. I bought one once and was disappointed to find it filled with useless junk that I would never have bought. Lesson learnt.

Another year I actually waited in a two hour queue to get into a well-known department store on the first trading day of the New Year. It was bedlam both inside and out. I didn't find anything to buy. I couldn't even get near most of the displays for the crowds. I ended up hiding out in the CD section. Mr. Mee a Bee eventually found me and we retreated to a movie instead.

This year I have done almost all my shopping online. Amazon is my dear friend as always. I can usually find everything I need there. Books, toys and other stuff. I bought food from FBC. I am also a secret Rakuten addict. I did go to the mall a couple of times. I went crazy and spent much more than I was planning on spending. But I have the Terry's Chocolate Oranges my kids love so much for their stockings. I've been to the Lego shop several times. My boys and my nephews are fans. For my husband I went with the boring option of a new jumper, from Woolovers.com. He'll be happy though.

At Mee a Bee this weekend we're jumping on the sale bandwagon and offering free shipping (in the etsy shop) and a free handmade gift bag with each order. Your choice of green or red. Plus lots of the older stock, bags from throughout the year are priced to sell at $25. If you're clever you can also search for a coupon code (psssst look on Facebook).

Mee a Bee

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