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Sunday is a typically busy day at our place. Mr Mee a Bee is home and the kids get pretty excited. He's a real bundle of energy and doesn't seem to mind popping in and out all day to run one errand at a time. (You can tell that I like to multi-task). Yesterday was no different, I think they went out about five or six times. You can imagine how disappointed I was when at 8 pm Noodle came to me to say that his artwork was on display in the city gallery for this weekend only. And we had missed it.

Last week when I was having one of my anxious mother days I went to school looking for Noodle. He was over an hour and a half late so I started to worry. It turned out that he had stayed late to finish the above-mentioned picture. His teacher told me it was brilliant (his words) and that it would most likely be picked for display. I'm so sad we didn't get to see it. Now we'll have to wait until the end of the year (in March) to see it.

When Noodle was in the first grade he did this picture which was chosen for display. I was so proud. You can read that post here.

PS. My anxious mother days are much better since I started reading "Free Range Kids" as recommended by one of my readers. I will post more about that another day, when I have finished it. Thanks Jenn!


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