Saturday Summary

The fabric arrived as scheduled this morning - the efficiency of online shops here is just amazing - they shipped my order the same day! I confess to just sitting on the couch admiring it for most of the afternoon. It's really the best I have had in ages.

How do you like the new ballet fabric? I'm in love with the adorable 70s style illustration.

Our day has been very relaxing and I feel happy to have accomplished a lot. I spent the morning doing a major clean (yaye, I love the steam mop) and rearrange in my lounge. I am getting ready to pull out the heaters and the Christmas tree!! I have Chatty Cafe on December 1st which will be the last of the year for that particular group so I plan to get festive that day. It'll be the earliest I have ever put up my tree I think.

As I said I spent the afternoon on the couch, possibly with my eyes closed for an hour or so. Little Guy had a rare nap too. He's been impossible at bedtime this past week so I expect all the late nights finally caught up with him.

This evening we've been at the airport meeting Grandad Mee a Bee. We had time for dinner at our favourite restaurant (on the company's dime), and a spot of window shopping at everyone's favourite shops, Muji and Uniqlo.

We'll spend the rest of the night watching a DVD. I don't know what Mr. has picked but last night I did enjoy a somewhat strange George Clooney film called The American. Have you seen it? It meanders along quietly, there's not much dialogue and it is not hugely picturesque despite being set in Italy. Still it suited my lingering melancholic mood.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend.

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