so timely - Lotta mag for kids

"Diversify play. We love iPads,TV and technology too, but we believe that everyone needs a variety of experiences and an opportunity to let our own imaginations take the lead sometimes. Our magazine gives you a lotta ideas for other things to try."

I found this on the website of new and magazine for kids, Lotta.

The first ever issue is all about stories & storytelling. 60 pages of art, craft, cooking, storytelling, creative writing, drawing, gardening, games, play & colouring for school holiday fun. 

delivery is available for Australia and international.

Of course this type of thing requires parents to get involved - get the craft materials, help with the gluing and cutting. I know this dying breed still exists somewhere :)

Additional thoughts on the topic below - the person posing the question has an almost ten year old. I concede that at that age, particularly girls, some electronic gadgets are perfectly acceptable and even necessary. Noodle does have his own digital camera and we're on the verge of looking at mobile phones for him. He's ten. I was more shocked at the people who had them for much younger kids. I mean two?? come on!


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  2. Thanks for blogging about us. I really appreciate the support.


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