Breakfast Around the World with Paul et Paula

A few weeks ago I was invited by Peggy of the fabulous Paul & Paula blog to be interviewed for the breakfast series. What a cool idea and so interesting to see what kids around the world eat for the most important meal of the day.

Noodle happily helped me out with the pictures. This day was sunny and lovely so the pictures came out great. A few days before we had tried to get some which came out dark, grainy and grumpy - it was just to early in the morning.

Read our interview here on Paul et Paula then make sure you go back to the home page as it is wonderful. Peggy is German and the family live in Amsterdam so the site is filled with absolutely stunning and really different European clothing for children as well as tons of fascinating looks at bilingual and bi-cultural children around the world.

Thanks again Peggy for letting us be part of the series and thanks to those of you who clicked, commented and liked on Facebook when I shared it over there. Noodle was so embarrassed, hehe.

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