The Countdown is On: Saying Goodbye to my Thirties

It's exactly a week until my birthday - the big FOUR OH! My family wanted to contribute to a joint present and the Kitchen Aid Mixer was #1 on my list. The iPhone was also top-rating. A rug for my dining room was another idea floated. As always there was the difficulty of actually getting any of these gifts delivered. The exchange rate and currency conversion makes any kind of transaction arduous. I'm not sure what was decided in the end.

I came across this great website that takes the stress out of collecting money for organized events. A friend of mine was collecting funds to pay for vet bills for a stray dog she adopted. Certainly a much more noble cause than my birthday ... but if you're stuck for ideas and wanted to send me a little something here's how. Oh so cheeky.

My kids ordered a few surprise things from our Co-op food delivery last night. My friend Charmaine sent me some 40th birthday balloons. I have already received a card! I'm very excited about turning 40. It's going to be a great year. ♥ ♥


  1. What colour do you choose??

  2. Glad you feel excited about this one Jacqui! I am also on the countdown to the same big birthday!!! (but several months instead of days to go for me!!!)
    xoxoxo (*o*)/

  3. Happy Birthday to you! I said goodbye to my thirties back in September.


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