I am a law-abiding citizen, really. Car trouble.

 You won't believe this latest little saga in my life. Or maybe you will, if you know me. I have a chaotic approach to cars and driving. I'm not a crazy driver but I do get lost A LOT.

On Wednesday night Mr. Mee a Bee informed me that my warrant of fitness had expired. I asked him when, last month? A bit before that actually. It expired in JULY!!!

OMG. I've been driving for almost five months in a car that could potentially be not road-worthy. I've driven past countless police officers and even a few checkpoints.

You may wonder why I didn't notice myself ... well I am a real girl when it comes to vehicle maintenance. So much for women's rights, I really do prefer to leave that stuff to THE MAN OF THE HOUSE. Pitiful, I know.

The date sticker is written in Japanese. It's year 23 in Japan (according to the length of reign of the current emperor). I could use that as an excuse however in honesty I never even looked at the sticker.

So I'm left riding my bike to kindergarten with that 20kg dead weight on the back. Now that I know, I absolutely won't drive the car. Anyway it's booked in for its service today.But it could take another few days. It's good exercise! (Mr. Mee a Bee said that).

My car is a cheerful red Nissan March. My friend told me it's a wannabe VW - one of the newer models. This new messenger bag for toddler boys has real VWs all over it. And porsche? some kind of sportscar - see I am clueless. Check it out and let me know if you want a shorter strap for two year olds. It's PERFECT for that age.

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