Is there a doctor in the house?

Hello hello. It's been a while! Among other things I have been busy sewing up my last two bags of the year ( I think). One of my lovely friends here in Japan asked about a doctor's bag for her daughter. Lovely daughter also thought baby brother might like one too. Mom thought it was probably so she wouldn't have to share!

I was really excited about this project. I think you know that both of my kids love dress-ups and imaginary play. Noodle has kind of grown out of costumes but Little Guy LOVES them. He has a doctor's kit somewhere and we have all had very painful injections at his hand. (It's a blunt 'needle' so he has to jab at us quite hard to get the desired effect).

About these doctor's bags:
The larger bag is the 'mini' size and has an adjustable strap. I made it pretty with a natural linen base and fun red polka dots inside. The little bag is my 'toddler' size but has a slightly wider base and a very short strap since the doctor's assistant is not yet two. I'm happy with the appliqué red crosses. I haven't really had much experience with appliqué so I used the little bag for practice. It is a little wonky. It's harder than it looks! What do you think? Would you like a visit from these two doctors?


  1. Looks great to me, Red Cross to the rescue.

  2. look great.
    Did you use iron on fusiable web for the aplique? I love that stuff!

  3. Thanks dad!

    Jo - I couldn't find any of that, I did have some at one point. I used a craft glue stick from 3M that worked like a dream. The zig zag was the hard part - had to drag out my other sewing machine which I haven't used in forever!


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