Working Mums - Is it worth it?

pancakes for dinner oh and noodles
This afternoon Little Guy has been at the after-school class. I picked him up at five whereupon he was forced into his snowsuit since it's cold, dark and raining. We have to pass several warm and inviting restaurants on our way home so since it is just the two of us home tonight we have stopped for a bite. I have been working today but the extra two hours at school plus our meal have set me back $30 or so. I guess real working mums have to be super-organised and disciplined about not eating out all the time.

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  1. The temptation is too much sometimes. I try to keep something in the freezer for a desperate warm-up in the microwave dinner when I am too exhausted, lasagna or meat pies. The worst is being exhausted after 10 hours, taking kids to a restaurant, then they get antsy out of their routine and it takes so much work to settle them, and I have to pay for the pleasure!

    Someday I'd like to go for dinner without the kids. ;)


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