Back to School Down Under

Acccording to my Facebook friend's updates school is starting back this week and next in New Zealand and Australia. Mums are breathing a sigh of relief after six or so weeks of holidays I bet. Both countries have been plagued by rain which has spoiled many a camping trip I am sure. And as soon as school is back the sun will come out in force - c'est la vie.

My niece is one of those kids heading 'back to school'. She leaves Japan today for a one year home stay in New Zealand. We are all so excited for her. She's going to a small town a few hours south of Auckland. She'll be in Year 10 at the local high school. What an incredible experience! I am looking forward to finally being able to have a conversation with her once she can speak English.

I made these bags for a little friend who is just starting school this year. Isn't it a cute set? A little backpack for excursions and a heavy-duty library book backpack. See more here on Flickr.

I do have a little bit of this large-scale matryoshka fabric left if anyone wants to request an item. Send me an email.

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