Back in the driving seat - back at work - Mee a Bee sale now on

Who else struggles to get back into it after the holidays? I packed up my sewing room mid-December as it doubles as our guest room. I did not even go near my sewing machines for a few weeks. A lot of Mee a Bee fans were eagerly awaiting the big January sale but with my kids still home and the cold weather I was reluctant to return to work. Finally on Saturday night I put up the open sign. It feels great to be sewing again! I have my iPod to keep me energised and the heater to keep my room warm. It's so gorgeous sewing in a clean and organised room. I must try and keep it that way.

The Mee a Bee sale is not well-publicised but I am so pleased that I am seeing orders flowing in from repeat customers. It's nice to be loved ♥.

All of my small messenger bags for kids aged three to five or two years old are now selling for $20 a piece. You can purchase from either Etsy or Mee a If you would like to stock up you might like to take advantage of the special promo I offered to Facebook fans:  Buy 5 get one free (or $20 off purchases over $100), use the code HAPPY12 at Mee a
I am sewing as well as selling stock I have so if you have a special request just let me know.

On Thursday I will be opening the doors of Chatty Cafe. I feel about two hundred kilos overweight after Christmas but this morning I started looking through my recipes, making plans for cakes this year. My new (borrowed) food processor will certainly add some delicious new treats to the menu. I see tarts and maybe even cheesecake on the horizon.

OK, tea break is over, back to the sewing machine!

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