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I'm reading a really good book right now about an expat living in Paris. It's so funny. I can really relate to his descriptions of laborious bureaucratic processes and tiresome dealings with paper pushers. I think Japan and France might be long-lost siblings, they definitely share some common traits.

I thoroughly recommend Bryce Corbett's A Town Like Paris (thanks Shayne)

It's kind of a dream of mine to write a book one day. About what, I don't know, but it's something I think about when I see blog-to-book writers like Amanda Blake Soule and Joel Henriques with their gorgeous books in print. Of course they actually create things and have original ideas.

Perhaps I could write a book about life in Japan ... but nothing exciting happens to me so it would be quite a bore. And I have a terrible memory for details.

If you want to see more of the beautiful books by Soule and Henriques then you should visit Roost Books. There are some delightful free projects to download. You can preview all of the books online and also order directly from the publisher.

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