The cutest dinosaurs in town

I have a little friend name Zoe who loves dinosaurs. I made her a gorgeous little bag with some green and purple dinosaur fabric and a lovely purple strap - it turns out it's hard to find dino stuff for girls. That's not surprising given how everything has become so gender-defined with our generation of children.

Knitted Dinosaurs by Tina Barrett via STC crafts
Bust out of the mold with these wonderful creations! You can make your dinosaur any colours you like. I just wish I had the patience for knitting! My kids would definitely love a large dragon. Dragons are dinosaur-like aren't they? We're on this huge knights and castles kick since Christmas.

Read more about the patterns and the fun new book Knitted Dinosaurs by Tina Barrett over here on the STC Crafts blog. Or check out the book here.

Check out STC Crafts for free downloads too.

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