For the sake of fashion and my efforts to look good

While I was in New Zealand last year I bought myself a pair of high-heeled 'booties'. All the mums wear boots in winter here in Japan (and I am so desperate to fit in). Well that attempt bit me on the butt this week when I twisted my ankle so badly I couldn't walk for a few minutes. I didn't stop to take a look at the damage but by that evening the pain was excruciating. I was so worried that I would need to see a doctor. I went to swimming that night and hobbled home wherein I applied a great dose of arnica cream and a bandage. Miraculously by morning it was almost better. I was so relieved. It's still a bit tender but nothing like it was earlier in the week. Thank you Weleda!

On Thursday I had my first Chatty Cafe of the year. It was a hectic morning and I found myself squeezing into a pair of black trousers at the last minute. They were altogether too tight and looked awful I am sure. Hence the need to swim as much as possible this year. The club is running a New Year shape-up campaign called Stylish Mileage. You get points for attendance and can enter in a draw to win cool stuff like an iPad. Oh and I might get into shape too!

For the record, I have been swimming at least once a week for the past two years but I took a few weeks off over the end of the year. This year our coach has promised to mix it up a bit. For the latter half of last year we were working on achieving a great distance, which meant speed. How's 2.3km in 60 minutes? Pretty impressive!! Already this year we've scaled it back to basics and are working on stroke correction. I'm glad since my old bones are not what they used to be. In addition to a sprained ankle I have been nursing a strained shoulder for a couple of months - yep, falling to pieces in my old age. My goal for this year is to perfect the high elbow catch stroke our coach introduced us to last year. I've been watching youtube and learning all about it. I will be able to swim easier, for longer and with less risk of shoulder injury. Watch a pro! Ian Thorpe.


  1. Oh Jacqui! How I relate to this one! Glad your ankle is on the mend - at least swimming is a great sport to do when you have an injury (and glad you avoided the dreaded trip to the doctor). I tried one winter to find boots in Japan only to finally admit that I do indeed have "gobo ashi" as my husband would call them and found none to fit. He assures me it is better than "daikon ashi" but really i dont like my legs compared to root vegetables at all! Flat shoes for you this week! And here's to trousers that fit better with all that swimming - i have the same problem here! Ganbatte ne!

  2. hehehe you and your big feet Claire!


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