Happy New Year - welcome 2012

flowers from my neglected garden
2012 - should I say two thousand and twelve or twenty twelve?  I never know what people are saying since there's only one way to say it in Japanese.

How's your year started out? Mine has been great so far. The kids slept in until 7.30 (yep, that's a major sleep-in). Mr. Mee a Bee made our breakfast. The sun is shining. The kids are fighting but doing it quietly while they play with their Christmas Lego sets. I am finally getting back to my blog. All is good in the world.

See more of our New Year breakfast here on flickr.

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year Jacqui! Sorry no Christmas card this year (again?) but have been thinking of you and hope you had a lovely Christmas. We have been so busy, but enjoying summer. My brother's new baby arrived 2 days ago, so we are all very excited about that too. Guess what his name is? Noah!! C xxx

  2. Hi Jac
    I sa two oh twelve,

  3. Oh dear another version! thanks dad.

  4. Happy New Year Jacqui

    Your breakfast table looks lovely.

    My boys are having the same squabbles over lego too, then they come and tell me a 10 min story on the history of the ship/car/spaceship they have just made. Its good for their imagination.

    I say Two thousand and twelve.


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