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Mr. Mee a Bee and I watch a lot of movies. It's one thing we do almost every weekend. With the busyness of our daily lives, in between the kids, my swimming club and his long work hours we don't really have much time to do things as a couple so this is one of the few things we make an effort to do together.

Before we had kids we'd actually go to the cinema but that's not possible for us now so he goes to the store to rent DVDs. Nine times out of ten he comes back with winners. I think he picks things that he knows I will like (the hunky actors!).

Years ago we had a little dictionary, I think it was one of these movie guides by Leonard Maltin. We'd be watching a film and recognise one of the actors. We'd race to name the actor and which films he or she had been in. It was a handy book and we learned so much.

These days the internet has replaced that book for us. Are you one of those people who look up actors or directors to see what other work they have done?

Do you watch the credits to see who recorded the music? That's my second favourite thing to do.

Last week I was watching The Killing and heard a song I had to hear more of. It's not new but it lead me on a little internet search about Neko Case. You can watch the song on youtube if you like. It's got a fantastic country vibe which is a surprising like of mine.

If you haven't heard of The Killing then... well don't get me started. It's my latest obsession, not to be missed program. I am absolutely besotted with the lead actress Mireille Enos but I don't want to look her up because I fear that will spoil the perfection of her role in The Killing.

On iTunes, have you played around with the Genius function? iTunes looks at the songs you already have and makes recommendations for you. I have discovered some really cool artists this way (and perhaps spent a little too much on downloads!). It's a really great way to hear about indie or alternative artists that you mightn't hear on mainstream radio. Not that I listen to the radio.

What are you listening to right now? or watching? I'd love to hear your recommendations.

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  1. Love Neko Case! JP and I went to see her live at the San Francisco Bathhouse in Wellington in January 2010, and it was a great concert. Actually, now we have 2 kids, come to think of it, one of the last concerts we have been to!


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