Little Red Riding Hood coming soon

As I mentioned yesterday we have had parent-teacher conferences this week at kindergarten. Little Guy has been home early (for lunch) everyday this week. It's so tiring! No sooner than I have dropped him off it's time to pick him up again. Thank goodness today is the last day.

We've already played two games of Junior Scrabble today. It's freezing cold and wet outside. I may need a nap.
This morning I took some time to plan these new bags which I am very excited about. Little Red Riding Hood is an endearing theme in Japanese fabrics. I love every reincarnation of it. I had a hard time deciding which colours to match this with, it has a lot of green ... but in the end I think you can't go wrong with red. What do you think?

PS. Little Guy is doing well at kindergarten though she did mention he's a bit excitable at lunchtime. I think she'd like to see less chat more eat. I could relate to her complaint as it's typical of most meals I share with him.

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  1. Love!!!

    I wish there was more eat, less chat at our house. From my husband too.


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