Making plans for the upcoming year

With the rush of Christmas over it's time to move onto plans for the upcoming year. I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, are you? Like everyone I need to exercise more, get more sleep, lose weight, spend less, work smarter. The list is endless and the same every year so why bother?

Noodle at the shrine with his fortune
On New Year's Day we took a stroll seeking the local shrine. How thrilling it was to discover a real shrine complete with a shop selling fortunes and other good luck charms. We have lived in this area for almost six years and never known where the shrine was. Noodle, Mr. Mee a Bee and Little Guy all got a middle-of-the road fortune, nothing bad but not spectacular. I did not get one, I don't like them. Once you've read the fortune you tie it to a tree or a branch in the shrine grounds to ensure your good fortunes are realised. Isn't that fun?

For this year our plans are starting to take shape. We're really hoping to do some camping. We would love to have another go at skiing. We are totally stoked that my dad is probably going to come over. It's looking like a great year for us. How about you?


  1. Happy New Year Jacqui! You have made me feel so much better about not making any specific resolutions this year. I always feel so much pressure each year to have the list prepared new year's eve ready to go. This year i am just easing into things. in my heart i know all the things i hope to achieve. Here's to a wonderful 2012 for you and your family! (*o*)/

  2. Happy New Year!

    Camping!! Lets see if we can coordinate our families this year! We would love to come with you.


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