Meet Peter the Pirate

Little Guy received a craft book for Christmas called The Crafty Art Book. He's been begging to make the knitted teddy bear since the day he clapped eyes on it. Finally today I agreed to make a beanie pal. It was so simple and he loves it.

It was parent teacher interviews today so Little Guy could take it along to show his teacher this afternoon. She was suitably impressed and I was able to come off as super-mum, so devoted to my child. hehe

We used Crayola Fabric crayons for our pirate. We were running low on time so we simply copied the picture from the book but next time we plan to be a bit more creative. I used some linen that I had lying around and we stuffed it with uncooked rice. We could have spent more time pushing out the seams to make the head nicely rounded but Little Guy doesn't mind the imperfections. He's named him Peter after running through a million names together. Pierre and Pascale were my French name suggestions. Guido was the Italian one I came up with. In the end, he's English.

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