Movie talk: Unknown

Liam Neeson is an actor who I really like but have not seen in anything for quite some time. Last night we watched Unknown which as the title suggests was a film I had not heard of (typical for me though). I was really happy to see Liam Neeson and January Jones in the opening credits.

The film is set in Germany and has a suspenseful plot which really keeps you guessing until the very end. Just my kind of movie.

There are some villainous silent-types driving around in a black SUV, though being Europe it is a VW. There are some scenes of violence but it's not gratuitous. There's a high speed car chase but it's quite realistic though reminiscent of The Bourne Identity series (the one where he's in a mini driving around some European city). There are not really any sex scenes and it's done tastefully in a grainy flashback style. There's no swearing. Still it's not for the whole family.

Liam Neeson is quite hunky despite his advanced years, ageing well, like Harrison Ford. January Jones, of Mad Men fame, is just a delight to watch, though her part is very small.

It wasn't one of those films that resonates with you and stays with you but it was definitely a good one to curl up with on a Sunday evening.

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