School holidays are almost over and kind of over

These holidays have been really super. We had my Auntie here for a few days over Christmas which was just wonderful. After she left we had Mr. Mee a Bee home for New Year's. He took a grand total of four and a half days off but somehow it seemed long. We had fantastic weather which really helps. My kids really suffer cabin fever if they can't get outside.

We had a lovely visit from friends yesterday who wanted to practice their roller blading and j-boarding (an in-line skateboard) on our nice smooth driveway. Five kids on wheels was a fun sight to see. I snapped this great shot of Noodle with his new ball from Santa. Yep, somehow Santa ordered a PINK dodgeball from Amazon for this kid (oops). Luckily it is more of a faded red. Anyway doesn't Noodle look like a total pro on his j-board. I think he's going to rock snowboarding this year if we can go. This morning he skated down to the roadside with all of our (millions of post-Christmas) wine bottles for recycling. He's ever so confident on it now.

When they're not able to play outside the kids are LOVING their Lego sets, their remote controlled helicopters and all of their new books. Little Guy has suddenly become a big fan of The Gruffalo. I'll tell you I wasn't a fan of the book before since we only had the second book. But now that he has the first book, the activity book AND the DVD he is in heaven and it is much more fun to read to an enthusiastic listener. Oh how I hope he starts reading just a little this year. Still plugging away.

As with every holiday Noodle has had a lot of homework. He actually seems to enjoy doing it which is a relief. For his homework Little Guy was supposed to practice skipping but the skipping rope has disappeared mysteriously. He was also supposed to make a money-box and share some of his New Year's money gifts for charity. Here's us last night making a money-box hurriedly out of a cracker box - really I made it and they did the stickers. Little Guy's kindergarten started back today (Saturday) and tomorrow he has to go as well for an event at the fire station. So his holidays are over, kind of, we still have Monday which is a public holiday. They both start back officially on Tuesday.

How are the school holidays going where you are?

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  1. I love school hols. My kids have been off for six weeks with two more to go! I go back to work!


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