1am blog post

Yes, it's 1am. Wide awake. Spent the afternoon sleeping off a terrible headache. Spent the evening at the airport with my kids where I foolishly had a diet coke and two cafe lattes. Caffeine in the evening = not a good idea.

Still I had a brilliant day! Little Guy and I spent a couple of hours shopping this morning, buying such exciting things as a new fry pan and some mousse for my hair. Noodle had a huge sleep-in and elected to stay home to make a dent in his homework mountain.

The headache was a small glitch.

At six o'clock we drove over to the airport to wait for Mr. Mee a Bee who was due back from Shanghai at ten o'clock. I can hardly believe I even considered taking my kids out that late, things have changed a lot. My attitude is much more relaxed about stuff like that these days.

We had loads of time to look at the shops. The book shop had this book which I thought might be worth a look. At Uniqlo I finally got to see the Orla Kiely scarves. AND discovered that they also have Laura Ashely ones too. My money was screaming to be let loose but I was very good and did not buy anything.

We spotted a really cool display of passport covers and luggage tags at another shop. I made a mental note of the web address and was chuffed to find out they are made by a New Zealand company. From my home city no less. DQ Company has TONS of bargains and it is all unbelievably cute. I've promised Noodle we'll get some things next time we go on a trip.

Thankfully the headache is gone, 95% of it, I will be more careful tomorrow. Basically I have to take pain killers at the merest hint of a migraine otherwise I am incapacitated. It's always been that way with me.

So I am wide awake. Which was good two hours ago when I wanted to watch the Japan premiere of Modern Family. I watched two episodes. It was funny but sit-coms are not my cup of tea. Too many stereotypes. I probably won't bother with it. Not at 11pm on a Saturday night.

See you later today!


  1. Ugh, so sorry that you can't sleep. Is Mr. Meeabee sound asleep? I get migraines too and I'm sooooo thankful for the meds. I don't know what I would do without them! Hope you get to sleep soon!

  2. Thanks Jenny! feeling much better today and yes, I managed to get to sleep by about 2. Mr. Mee a bee never has any trouble sleeping, I think he was asleep by 11!

    He had a headache ONCE and was convinced it was a brain tumor!! He cannot comprehend what it's like to get them all the time.


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