Bend the Rules Baking: Choc Choc Chip

I'm all about shortcuts, especially when it comes to the kitchen. I have to feed my kids and I hate going to the grocery store so I bake.

If a recipe starts with cream the butter and sugar then I skip over it. Today I decided to bend the rules. I made these biscuits this afternoon and there is not a single one left (except for the left over dough I have frozen, I only wanted to bake one tray today). The kids did not mind that I had melted margarine in the microwave instead of butter painstakingly beaten till light and fluffy.

I adapted the recipe for Chocolate Chip Biscuits from Edmonds. Instead of butter I used 125g of margarine which I melted in the micro. 1/4 c sugar. I spilled quite a bit more than a few drops of vanilla essence in by mistake. Approximately three tablespoons of condensed milk. I mixed this lot up together until it seemed the sugar was kind of dissolved.

I added in six quarter cups of roughly measured flour (the recipe calls for one and a half cups but I'm lazy bones with extra dishes). I threw in a quarter of a cup of cocoa powder, about a teaspoon of baking powder (I sifted these dry ingredients). Lastly a handful of chocolate chips.

I think the mixture would have been too wet and sticky if I hadn't added the extra cocoa. I rolled large balls as I was in a hurry and flattened them slightly. I threw them into the oven that hadn't exactly finished pre-heating (to about 180 degrees was the plan). I baked them for about 12 minutes.

Noodle ate three, in a row. He said he couldn't stop himself they were so good. Little Guy had two. My cookies were yum. Maybe they hadn't risen as much as they might have if I'd started with a light fluffy butter mixture? Maybe they would not have been quite so crumbly?

Can you spot the rules I bent? There were lots! But in the end it didn't seem to matter as they have all been eaten.

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