Book Review: Unbound Birth

I have met some wonderful people and made some great friends through the web. Jenny Yarbrough is one of those people. When I first met her a few years ago she was new to blogging and was just starting out as a mom-blogger. Through her blog and her experiences as a mother she has now made the transition to writer and child birth educator. I am so proud to have been one of the first readers of Jenny's new book Unbound Birth.

Unbound Birth is a little book about natural childbirth. It's about empowering women to make their own choices and to have the confidence to really experience childbirth. It's not about home-births or any alternative methods.

It's not something I normally talk about on my blog but you may not know about my childbirth experiences. Both of my children were born here in Japan. Eleven years ago when I was pregnant with Noodle we went along to the local OB-GYN where we basically did everything the doctor and his team of strict nurses told us to. The birth was natural to a certain extent but we both felt like spectators to what should have been a very empowering event in our lives. A number of (possibly unnecessary) procedures were performed leaving us feeling like we had no control over the birth. There were some complications so we were incredibly fortunate to have an experienced and competent doctor in charge. But I still can't help wondering whether the complications could have been avoided.

By the time we were pregnant with Little Guy we had moved house. My OB-GYN had retired anyway so I had my first few visits with his son who had taken over the practice. Maybe things would have been different with the younger generation. In any case we were forced to use the public hospital in our new area simply because of the distance.

Little Guy was born quickly, easily and 100% naturally. It was a dream birth really though it's actually kind of a blur since it happened so quickly. I walked out of the delivery room after only two and a half hours. Amazing!

In Jenny's book she shares her birthing experiences. She's had three children, all born naturally without drugs or interventions. I love reading birth stories. Jenny uses her birth stories to educate women about childbirth and present some options that might not be the ones the hospital or doctors suggest. It's written simply and without prejudice. I definitely recommend it to women who are pregnant and wanting to be in control of the birth. Jenny also touches on the essential topics of exercise and diet. There are no strict decrees or absolutes, it's just one mom talking to another, in a common sense way.

You can chat with Jenny on Facebook, Twitter and via her website.

Congratulations Jenny, you're an inspiration!

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  1. Sounds like a great book. My second birth went much smoother than my first because I listened to my body and didn't have unnecessary interventions based on a doctor's schedule.
    One thing I always remember is you got your haircut for hospital bed pictures- that inspired me to do the same thing for both my births!


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