A day at home by myself? I spoke too soon

In my earlier post I mentioned how much I was looking forward to a nice relaxing day with the kids both back at school. Unfortunately I jinxed this fantasy just by saying it! When I arrived at the kindergarten this afternoon Little Guy's teacher was waiting to ask me about his peanut allergy.

Tomorrow is setsubun in Japan - a fun festival which involves throwing dried soy beans at a 'devil' to ward off back luck for the year. This year the kindergarten has bought peanuts rather than beans as they are so much tastier to eat. Our wonderful teacher remembered that Little Guy is allergic.

I spoke to Mr. Mee a Bee and together we all decided that it might be best if Little Guy skips this part of the day. (We're not sure how allergic he is but better to be safe than sorry in this instance) So I will be keeping him home until 11.30am which means he will go for lunch and virtually come straight back home again.

Oh well there's always next week!

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