Gorgeous Lunch in Kishiwada

As the school year is winding down it was time today to thank our PTA group leader for her year of work. She did a wonderful job and we were all truly grateful to have had such a lovely leader and a stress-free year at kindergarten. We all went out for lunch.

Ganko in Kishiwada

In typical Japanese fashion it was a highly coordinated event - the best kind really when you have a large-ish group and a time schedule to stick to. First the date and the place was agreed upon. With all that squared away a reservation was made for the set menu.

The set menu is a most excellent idea as there are no nasty surprises when it's time to pay.  Everyone has the same thing (but there are dozens of gorgeous little dishes of food so you can pick and choose if you don't like something). Everything was divine. We were asked to bring the exact change which covered the cost of the meal and huge bouquet of flowers for our leader. Everyone had put their money into cute envelopes (except me, mine was in a boring plastic bag).

The restaurant was not one I was familiar with so the coordinator offered to pick me up. It turned out to be the restaurant next to the castle I went to in December. It's housed in an old stately home with a fantastic garden and pond. We were upstairs in a private banquet hall overlooking the whole place. It was so pretty and so restful. Read more over here on the restaurant page: Ganko.

It was a really nice day out and as always I learned so much about Japanese mums and parenting. Of course the mums have the same concerns as mothers all over the world, it's the subtle cultural differences that I enjoy observing.

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