The most beautiful piece of music

I was in the kitchen this morning when I had to call out to Little Guy "What are you watching Tyler?". He'd gotten ready quickly so he could watch TV but the music that was floating around the corner did not sound like the usual Cartoon Network trash.

It turned out to be The Gruffalo. I mentioned that he got the DVD for Christmas and we have been really into the books. Well you really have to watch this clip from You Tube of French composer Rene Aubry playing the soundtrack to the movie. It's the most beautiful piece of music I have heard in a long time.

If you want to watch it over and over like I have then you might giggle at the oboe (?) player and his busy-ness. And really appreciate the coolness of a bunch of normal looking guys creating something so amazing while looking so casual about it.

This piece has a similar vibe and is equally gorgeous.

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