Trying New Things: A Baby Quilt

One of the things I have set as a goal for the year is to be more personally creative. Realistically sewing is one thing I can do but there are many many techniques I am not familiar with. I bought a book about patchwork and quilting a few years ago. Apart from being lovely to look at and quite inspirational I have never made the leap. Quilting has been in the "too hard basket'.

Suddenly this morning while I was cleaning out a box of old fabrics I was gripped by a small idea. Since we have a baby due in the family any day now I thought this might work as a changing mat or a tiny stroller rug?

The fabric is from a few years ago when I did have plans to make small bags from it. I found I had already cut out several squares so it was just a matter of piecing them together in a pleasing arrangement. I backed it with a soft yellow "minky" fabric. I had a go at 'stitching in the ditch' which I think is a quilting term? Anyway I am pleased with how this how turned out. I will wash and dry it then see if it might work as a little baby-warming gift. It is definitely very homemade looking! Yes, bunchy and crooked in several places!

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