Best of British: gorgeous film location in Atonement

Mr Mee a Bee was away for the night and had thoughtfully rented a DVD that he thought I would like, Atonement.
Oh yes! The wallpaper!!

The film, a romantic British period piece, has its moments but ultimately isn't that fabulous. However, the beautiful stately home it is set in is just wonderful.

Going to Britain? You can actually tour the home.

The first half of the film is truly stunning. In the second half it becomes dreary and sorry to say boring. Then it sputters along to the end. I didn't actually get the sense that anything had been atoned for. This isn't a new film, in fact quite old, so I imagine you've surely seen it. How did you feel about it?

Being the geek that I am I watched the bonus feature on the DVD where the director (Joe Wright) explains his concept and how scenes in the film were put together. It was fascinating and made me appreciate the film so much more. All the symbolism.

The set decorator and production designer won several awards for their work. Check out this site to see and read more. What a cool resource this is. I see so many of my favourite films listed there - favourites for the homes the characters live in!

Blogger Miss Moss put together an AMAZING article last year matching wallpapers from the period with shots from the film. How incredibly creative and talented she is. Visit Morris & Co for more delectable late 19th century inspiration. You'll want to move right in to any of these rooms.

So an unremarkable film in many respects became my little project for the weekend, all was not lost. Did you enjoy your weekend?


  1. That is really close to where my father was born! I haven't been there but it looks as if the house hasnt been open to the public all that long.

  2. This is Ayumi's favourite DVD. She lent it to me.



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