Cheat's Recipe: Raspberry Swiss Roll

There's a lot to be said for homemade things ... but sometimes it doesn't hurt to cheat a little bit (with full disclosure!!) For today's Chatty Cafe I served a delicious Raspberry Swiss Roll. The cheat's version uses a store-bought, cream-filled swiss roll cake and frozen raspberries.

Carefully un-roll the cake, re-spreading the cream as necessary. Add a layer of thawed (or fresh) raspberries then carefully roll the cake up again. Dust the top with icing sugar. Slice and serve!

I always buy these fresh cakes from Chateraise. I'm still going crazy for the raspberries from Gyomu Super. They're a little tart so I did sprinkle them with sugar while they were defrosting.

Pink gingham background from Pugly Pixel.

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