It's the new TV - the internet

I was reading a thing the other day that said among certain age groups hours spent online outnumbers hours spent watching television. This is certainly true for me since there is never anything good on TV. Wiling away hours on the Internet is something I can do quietly without disturbing Noodle and his homework or Little Guy getting off to sleep.

I started my evening looking up the website for Midori / Paper Craft. I have a little brochure from them on my desk that I have had for years. I thought I'd see what's new. It's all cute but realistically I don't have much patience or talent for cardmaking.

Brass Products
Then I found the Traveler's Notebook page!!

Tell me I do not need a gorgeous leather-bound diary that ages gracefully with use? Or nostalgic brass stationery items to adorn my desk?

Hide my credit card NOW.

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