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Little Guy was born on the second day of the long summer holidays in Noodle's first year of kindergarten. We had been living in our new town for just under four months and I knew exactly two people in the area. Mr. Mee a Bee was commuting to the office six days a week and was gone from early morning till late at night. I needed a battle plan to cope with a four and a half year old and a newborn. I won't lie, it was one of the most stressful times of my life. My mum will back me up on this as she was the one on the end of the line of many many long-distance calls back to New Zealand.

Thankfully those days are well behind me but this week I was reminded again of the things I had planned for the first few weeks with a new baby and a kindergartener.

Little Guy has been in the kitchen making fruit smoothies. These are really simple to make of course. They're also easy enough for little kids too since there is no cooking involved and they don't really even need a sharp knife. The only thing you have to teach them is to make sure the lid is on the blender before they turn on the power. I teach Little Guy to keep his hand on the lid since our blender is old and a bit topsy turvey.

Before Little Guy was born I packed a large plastic bin with activities for Noodle to do while I was stuck on the couch breastfeeding. The recipe for fruit smoothies was one that I had photocopied and put in for the very reasons mentioned above (manageable for little people). If you have a good kid's recipe book you'll likely find a lot of recipes that don't need to be cooked. I recommend photocopying the most suitable ones then you won't have the kid picking out recipes that are not possible to make alone or on that day. You can prepare some things in advance and keep them in the fridge, like boiled eggs. They can make their own sandwiches.

The box was a lifesaver. We only opened it when I was tied up with the baby so the activities were viewed as being a bit special. I also included small paper crafts, story books with pages that were easy to turn and audio books and a tape player.

It's hard to believe that baby is now this big boy!


  1. Way to cook Little Guy! I always find it funny to call him Little Guy because he's older than my son. :)

    What goes in your smoothies? Bananas, yoghurt and...?

  2. You can call him T4 if you like, that's his super-hero name. :) Or Mr. T

    yep, bananas, yoghurt, berries like those frozen raspberries I love so much or frozen bananas add a great ice-creamy texture. milk of course. sometimes honey. whatever you have on hand really.

  3. God, I am happy to find your blog. I am an American living in Tokyo with my two boys 5.5 and 1.5, so I fully understand the pain of an energetic 4 yr old and a newborn. It was tough. P.S. I found your blog through Jo's blog. Look forward to following your blog.


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