Pizza Challenge: Homemade vs Delivery

The local pizza joint left their tantalizing brochure in our letterbox. Both of the boys pounced on it and Little Guy eventually folded it up and put it away in his 'top-secret' drawer to keep it safe.

Come Saturday night we were all hungry and wondering what to do about dinner. Pizza had been mentioned ... In the end I decided that the pizzas from the shop were too expensive and that a homemade one would be just as nice or even better. (Mr. Mee a Bee and his wallet were out remember).

It was 5.42pm when I wandered into the kitchen. My first task was to boil the kettle. Dry yeast needs a blood temperature liquid. Not too hot, not too cold. You'll either kill it or it won't do a thing. I mix hot water from the kettle and cold milk from the fridge to get it right. (A tip from Simon & Alison Holst).

On this occasion I used a recipe for 'Quick Mix Pizza' from a really old Australian Women's Weekly cookbook. Flour, dry yeast, sugar and salt. It's quite a dry base so I add in some olive oil, and of course the water + milk. I'm sure you have your own favourite pizza crust recipe?

I rummaged around in the pantry and freezer finding homemade spaghetti sauce from last week, frozen sweetcorn kernels, canned tuna and for extra vitamins, iron or whatever I threw on some frozen spinach. And of course cheese.

Now, Noodle does not eat cheese or tomatoes. For that reason he has not eaten pizza in about six years. What a party-pooper! Still I was hopeful that this pizza would be OK since it's not oily at all. And I just put a little cheese on his side. It was a hit! He ate at least four slices, yaye!

My recipe made enough dough for two bases. So our second one was a DESSERT pizza. The best invention ever. Again it was time to rummage for a suitable combination: fruit puree on the base, frozen raspberries, Hershey's chocolate sauce and a sprinkling of shredded coconut.

All told our evening cost us $3.00. While the pizza was in the oven Little Guy and I wandered along to the drink machine for a really special treat. Three drinks - a buck each. The whole meal was on the table in just over 30 minutes. I would say that is faster than the time it would have taken them to deliver a pizza on a Saturday night! Plus our pizza place hasn't heard of dessert pizzas.

We not only saved lots of money, we also saved time. The kids learned a valuable lesson in economics and had fun 'beating the clock'. Plus our pizza was probably 100 times healthier, except for the chocolate sauce, with all those sneaky vegetables. (Don't forget I used homemade spaghetti sauce which was 100% vegetable and included celery and carrots).

PS. thanks Monica for the Frozen Raspberry tip, they're in stock now, for a limited time at Gyomu Super


  1. 30 minutes! That's a weeknight dinner! My fave whole wheat pizza dough recipe takes 3 hours. I will have to steal yours (especially the dessert pizza)

  2. YUM! We always prefer homemade to delivery... always! Lately we've been buying ready made individual gluten free crusts, though, and everyone gets to pick their own toppings. Super easy and everyone is happy! Hope you are having a great day, Jacqui!

  3. we have pizza almost every weekend, I make the dough in the bread machine, no need to faff around with warming the yeast and kneading, it takes 45mins.

    The dough makes enough for 2 decent sized pizzas so I usually do two varieties, I love that it is healthy and sooo much cheaper than store bought.

    You should try this broccoli topping, firm have in our house now...

    PS when I clicked through via networked blog it wouldn't let me leave a comment so I had to click through via blogger

  4. Oh Jacqui! What a whiz you are! 30 minutes! Honto desuka??? it always takes me 2 hours but i guess that is when I have to make the sauce too and roast capsicum which is one of my favourite toppings! I have been disappointed by the price tag and taste of too many shop bought pizzas to go there again! homemade every time I say! (*o*)/ xo

  5. That is one of the best pizza I have ever seen looks so yummy.

    Pizza Delivery

  6. They look scrummy Jac, the desert pizza especially, did you have whipped cream on top?


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