A record of fonts I like

Ever since I got my own website, a while ago now, I have had great fun fiddling around with fonts. I'd love to take a course so I could really learn how to use them in layouts.

I am going to start keeping a record of the lovely fonts I have downloaded.

I got this one last night from Lost Type Co-op. It's called Ribbon and was designed by Dan Gneiding. Fonts on Lost Type are downloadable on a name-your-price-basis which means that you can pay as little as n$Othing. I made a small donation because I think it's a wonderful font and I appreciate the work that went into it. You can see more of Dan's work here.

Are you noticing a lot more of these textured paper-like backgrounds around the web? I've been experimenting with them myself. I use GIMP (the free software) which has 'filters'. For this one I added 'noise' (if that's the right term) to get the speckled background.

How do you find cool fonts? I usually find them mentioned on other peoples' websites and blogs. I also search for them myself on dafont.com. As I said in the first paragraph, it's hard to know how to use them. In what situation would you use a font like Ribbon?


  1. Cute font, especially in a title for any site banner where the website's theme involves clothing or crafts methinks. :)

    I had to check out your website and must say I love that 'Lobster Two' font used in your H2. (I'm also addicted to digging out awesome fonts for use in my graphic design projects!) Love the website too!

  2. Thanks Callie! That Lobster font is great isn't it? It came installed with my template from Pixel Union so I found it online to use myself with GIMP. I love it!
    I fanned your Facebook page just now :) Look forward to hearing which new fonts you discover.


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