A short history of the original Keep Calm and Carry On Poster

I confess to owning one of these posters. It's hanging in my kitchen where it oversees my chaotic evenings and encourages me to keep things in perspective. Many people are over this poster but once you watch this video about its origins you may fall in love again!

Link to the short film about the Keep Calm and Carry On poster (on you.tube)
Barter Books Keep Calm homepage.
Barter Books website.

This year we are feeling a great fondness for all things British. The Olympic Games in London this summer will see huge numbers of tourists visiting the motherland. I can't help thinking that the Royal Wedding last year has been one of the best promotional devices of the century since the Duchess of Cambridge is so photogenic. Coral denim jeans anyone?

I've heard it mentioned that the "If I had a British Accent I'd Never Shut Up" poster is patronizing to Brits but it still makes me smile. And I still always say this in my mind with a British accent: "I love you, blogs and tea"

It's a rainy day today so I might spend the afternoon watching British drama on television or see what's new at the DVD shop. How are you spending your day?

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