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giorni magazine cover, 1.liberty fabric 2. lotta jansdotter fabric

Don't you just love new magazines? Over the years I have subscribed to a few and one thing I enjoy doing is looking up the things mentioned to learn more. It's not necessarily about shopping and buying things. It might be a cool architect, a scrumptious hotel, an inspiring person. I think I do it even more with Japanese magazines as often is the case that all I can read in English is the web-link!

I found this magazine at the book shop last weekend: giorni. I have spent hours poring over it. The cover model is the wonderful Lotta Jansdotter who is a regular contributor to the magazine and overall inspiration for a lot of it (as far as I can tell). In this particular edition of the magazine spring fabrics are reviewed in glorious detail. Lotta Jansdotter (pic. 2) and Liberty (pic. 1) are my among favourites. I would die for some Marimekko.Have you heard of French General?

Pic.1 is from the new season Liberty Art Fabrics. I watched the designers' video on their bog and learnt that this fabric, designed by Phil Kim, was inspired by the film ,‘A Clockwork Orange.’ I had to read that book in the seventh form. I did not appreciate it at the time, I wonder if I would now? Follow the link and you'll see the tiny clocks inside the oranges. Very clever.

Are you loving a particular magazine at the moment? One that extends beyond the covers like mine did this week?

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