Exciting news from Felissimo! now shipping worldwide

images from Felissimo Japan. ribbons from Pugly Pixel. font learning curve from dafont.

WOW! this is great news. Sorry if you are already aware of this but I have just found out that Felissimo is shipping internationally! The website has been translated into English with a fairly comprehensive FAQ page detailing ordering procedures and shipping fees. This is brilliant news!

I picked up the latest Couturier catalogue today. It's gorgeous as always. Most of the projects are beyond my abilities as there is a heavy focus on embroidery and fine needlework. I can dream though. I'm especially taken by this vibrant Hungarian embroidery.

Visit the Felissimo site for more info on ordering. Make sure you read everything very carefully as it's not the usual kind of mail order catalogue. For instance Couturier is for DIY craft kits. The items pictured above come in a kit ready for YOU to make yourself. Each item is sent individually once a month. Most of the projects are for a six month 'rotation' meaning you'll get one cute project a month for six months. You cannot request a particular project. You can however cancel at anytime. They are lovely folks to deal with.

You can view all the catalogues online. That is fun in itself!

Felissimo supports charitable efforts such as the Great Northern Japan earthquake appeal. ♥

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  1. I don't know whether to love you or hate you for this post!!! They have so many beautiful things but I was always limited to how much I could order with it being in Japanese...but now!!!!
    : )


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