Lunch above the clouds & a quick overnight camp

This past weekend we went camping! Our first trip of the year! It was great ... except we got rained out. It didn't dampen our spirits too much. We all had a lovely time.

This camping trip was completely spontaneous, a plan hatched just a week ago. We knew the weather would turn by Sunday but this was one of the few weekends we had totally open for an overnight trip.

Pictured above, Noodle and I in the cafe after spending a sodden hour packing up our camp. We are only adventurous to a certain extent so we went to the same camp as in previous years and returned to the cafe around the corner on our way home.

Of course our camp differed from our other trips in that it was the first time we'd taken the new car. It was an experiment I'd like to see documented in a camping magazine. "Can a family of four enjoy camping with a Toyota Prius?"

Yes and no. It was a squash. A delicate packing puzzle. We took two tents, our fold-up picnic table, all our sleeping bags and blankets. The usual sort of stuff.

We could not take our Road Trip Grill. It wouldn't have fit, I don't think. So I planned to have a meal of cold things. On Friday I baked a meatloaf in the slow cooker and then baked a loaf of bread. On Saturday morning I made some potato salad, fried up some sausages and washed the vegetables for a tossed salad. I also baked Anzac Biscuits and a delicious Date Loaf. We had plenty of food.

The only cooking we did was to boil hot water for my cup of tea. The kids roasted their marshmallows on the Micro Stove.

So our first camping trip of the year was a lot of fun. I have a few ideas about next time. But for now I am spending the day with the boring task of drying and packing up our tent and other wet gear.

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