My how you've grown! Giveaway Entry

The entries are rolling in for our Children's Day giveaway. One entry really touched my heart. It was from Elijah's mum Kelly and started by mentioning the harrowing circumstances of this handsome chap's premature birth. He spent six weeks in the NICU and doctors thought he would not make it. Even though he was eventually well enough to go home the doctors said he would be developmentally challenged. Well, once again he proved them wrong. He's now five years old and in his first year of primary school where teachers say he reads ahead of his age. Way to go Elijah!

Elijah got his Beetling Along Car Messenger bag about two years ago. He still uses it regularly when the family go for walks. Kelly said that it's been washed a few times and it still looks great! I am happy to hear that!! Thanks Kelly!!

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Share photos of how much your kids have grown - it'd be great if you have any old shots of Mee a Bee bags and can let us know how they've held up. Otherwise you can enter just to say how great your kids are and how much you love them. Awww. We're celebrating Kids' Day!

Thanks again Kelly for letting us see how much Elijah has grown. He's truly a gift.

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