Pencil Revolution song for Back to School

Pencil Revolution by Schradinova from Schradinova (Janne Schra) on Vimeo.

My friend Kristin sent me this cool video which fits in perfectly with our 'Back to School' activities this week. Thanks Kristin!

I've just received a package of Staedtler coloured pencils in my groceries. They are pretty high-tech as far as pencils go. They have ABS. What's ABS? Anti-Break System. I'm tired of pencils with leads that break all the time (like the cheapies my husband bought last year for Little Guy). These are also erasable (kind of) and with their classic hexagon shape they won't roll off the desk. I think they are going to be GREAT at kindergarten this year. I really hope they last.

As usual I have found a little stash of printables that are free to download. Little Guy is in love with numbers right now. He can't get enough of calendars and timetables.

You might also check out the Noris Club page for more fun art activities and kid's stuff.


  1. wow, you are allowed to choose the make of pencils? we HAVE to have what the yochien says!

  2. Yes, for some things we have to have what they say but others we can get anything (as far I can tell - I do anyway!).


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