A perfectly lovely day

All went well at the Immigration office today. I should have my new visa very soon. Once again I am feeling very pleased with myself for navigating the largely unknown roads and getting to the office on-time. Mr. Mee a Bee arrived and was stunned to see my car in the parking lot. He had suggested I take a train thinking that would be easier. He totally underestimated how much more confident I am at driving these days.

It's a cloudy kind of rainy day but yesterday was just lovely so Little Guy and I took a few moments just to enjoy the 'peace and quiet' (his words). We bought some bread from the little bakery truck and found a park bench to sit at. The Cherry Blossoms are well and truly over instead in their place are beautiful white and pink American Dogwood trees in full bloom. They've been planted quite heavily all over my town and I love them.

I bumped into a couple of old friends while I was out so it was a super-excellent day. I had lunch and a long chat at Ikea. You won't believe it - I did not buy a single thing while I was there. We did not even go into the shop, just the cafe. I'm trying to save you see. Well done me!

I hope you've had a good day! In case you're interested, my dad is on the mend. Things are looking good I think, right Dad? But you're still taking it easy.

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  1. My foot is getting better, as soon as the wound heals they will put plaster or similar on it to mend the break, all good now the pain is less. Gee the flowers look lovely Jac.


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