Spring at Chatty Cafe - free download!

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Spring classes start tomorrow at Chatty Cafe. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone! I have three classes booked this week, wow! Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. A solid week of chats & coffee. It's been a while since I saw everyone so it is sure to be a fun-filled time with lots of news to share.

I'm also working on something new for you lovely blog readers. I'm looking at ways to share my knowledge and experiences of Chatty Cafe. I'm not quite sure how I will do it but for now I have whipped up a free download for your classes, just a simple menu page.

It's to be printed on standard A4 paper or cardstock and is designed to be cut in half so you end up with two smaller menus to fill in with your current selction of teas and coffees and maybe the cake of the day.  Mine is Lemon Bars this week. YUMMY.

Here's the link (to a special page over on Mee a Bee.com).

If you find this useful and want more of the same or something else related to Chatty Cafe please let me know. I have heard from quite a few readers and friends about "chatty cafes" around the country which thrills me to no end!


  1. Oh this is fab! I would like to use this for my kids. I remember Ebi-kun a long time ago hosted a friend for a restaurant, I have wanted to do that ever since, and now that he is starting to read it is the perfect time. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a COOL idea! I wish one of my kids could be on the VIP list of invitees. Thanks for letting me know this might be useful :)
    I have mine all written out for today. I've made Lemon Bars and have new tea Rooibos and Orange.


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