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It's update time!

The kids have been back at school and kindy for a couple of weeks now. Little Guy is finally on full days as of today. I am once again released from the chore of making lunch for the kidlets. Little Guy does of course need a packed lunch twice a week and still has lunch at home every Wednesday. The other two days are a welcome break.

I met with Little Guy's new teacher last Monday. She seems lovely. Not too young and quite experienced. She still remembers Noodle's kindergarten days so she's been at the same kindergarten for some years now. I'm relieved to get a teacher that won't panic if I forget something or stuff anything up.

Next week Noodle's new teacher will be visiting our home. I have not met her before so I am sure to be nervous about that. I am still trying to concoct a plan that has her simply stand at the gate rather than coming inside.

Meanwhile I did breath a sigh of relief to learn that I was NOT picked for PTA duty this year either at school or kindergarten. I felt absolutely queasy at the meeting last week when nobody stepped up. We ended up having to draw straws to determine who would be the leader. I wouldn't be above helping out or even volunteering but language is always going to be an issue - I just don't have the reading skills.

Even if you are not in the PTA at kindergarten you still have duties so we're having our first meeting tomorrow over lunch. I hope I get something easy to do. I think I could handle directing traffic into the carpark on event days or something similar.

Today (Monday) I met with my least favourite person - my dentist. He's hounding me about having my wisdom teeth removed. I still have three of them. I have pretty much decided I will let him have one later in the year. I will be psyching myself up for that. I still have pain in one of my fillings from last year. The dentist mumbled a whole lot of technical guff but I think the long and the short of it was that he had no clue why it was hurting and that he would wait and see if it improves.

Last week Noodle went on his first field trip of the year. They took the bus to Nara, our nation's ancient capital. Noodle was having a bad hair day (aka the grumpy pre-teen) so he said it was boring, so boring. I was pretty surprised since they went to see the famous Big Buddha and the gorgeous Nara Park deer. He may need a few days to let it settle before he tells me some of the fun things about it. I know from experience not to bother him when he gets in a mood.

Tuesday it's Little Guy's turn to go on an excursion. He could not be more excited as he is going to be catching the train for the first time in his dear little life (without mum or dad that is). I'm to take him to the train station in the morning to meet up with the class. They're going to a park somewhere not too far away.

A few weeks ago we had a terrific storm blow up out of nowhere. I discovered that a tile had come loose from our roof and shattered on the ground. On Wednesday the roofers will be here making the repairs. Apparently there are several loose tiles. Oh the joys of being home-owners. $$$

On Thursday I have a date with the Immigration Department. It's time once again to apply for permission to stay in this country. I really must start looking into something more permanent. It's such a hassle, all that paperwork. These days I don't think too often about going 'home' so that's good. It will be my sixteen year Japan-iversary next Sunday.

On our return from our camping trip I found an email from my dad. He had a terrible accident at work on Saturday and broke his toe. Unfortunately there have been some serious complications so we're all quite worried. I am hoping that Dad is reading this while lying the couch with his leg elevated like the doctor said to do. DAD! I hope you are reading this!!  Get well soon xx

and the last family announcement: it's my sister Sally's birthday so Happy Birthday Sally!!
April 24th.


  1. Thanks for your concern Jac. I think time will fix my toe, need to use crutches and keep my leg elevated. xx

  2. Oh Jacqui, life is always so busy and full! Just remember those teachers are probably more nervous than you about the home visits! And dentists! I have decided I would rather giver birth again than visit the dentist! Was thinking of you over Easter - we just moved house and then all got sick - i had fully intended to dend you a little something from here but I hope these excuses are good! we are coming to japan in july and I have been secretly planning how i might get to osaka to meet you! dont think it will happen this time :( catching up with family mostly and a trip to disneyland arranged! kids are a bit younger than what i would have liked to take them there but they will love it and going with their grandparents so that will be a special memory. take care (*o*)/

  3. oh thanks Claire. I'll need your new address! I'll try and email you later.


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