You won't believe it - the ball returns

Well you were right - those of you who suggested we do nothing about the ball / let the boys sort it out themselves. Noodle spoke to the boy in question at school. Of course the boy denied all knowledge of the incident and even went as far as to say that he hadn't been here. Whatever Noodle said it did the trick as the ball miraculously appeared while we were out on Friday evening!

Thank goodness I didn't pay a visit to the neighbours.

We're in the middle of a long weekend. I've just realised it is my Japan-niversary! April 29th back in 1996 I arrived in Japan.

It's been a pretty good weekend so far. Yesterday evening I took the boys into the city where Mr. Mee a Bee met us to take them back to his parents' place for the night.

While I was in town I took the opportunity to visit a new-ish mall where my favourite material shop has relocated to. I felt like a real country bumpkin since it was so busy and everything was so loud, bright and chaotic. Being a holiday weekend it was extra busy but I got the idea it's always like that. Nevertheless I had a good look at the material and got a few supplies - nothing exciting I am afraid.

I was shattered when I finally got home at almost nine o'clock. It's a long train ride home. I made it just in time to watch American Idol. NO SPOILERS please, we're a few weeks behind. I am a huge Phillip Phillips fan.

One more bit of good fortune - when I was cleaning out my sewing room today I found an iTunes card which hadn't been redeemed. Excellent!! I was on iTunes last night looking at new music but hadn't gotten anything. I have no idea where the card came from, whether I bought it, won it or was given it? Anyway I have been on the hunt for something a bit dance-y / clubbish inspired by my weekly aquarobics class. I decided to give new-to-me Ellie Goulding a try. So far it's pretty cool.


  1. haha my sister is in love with Philip Philips! Mari told me Japan was a few weeks behind so I won't soil it for you but my least favourite has now gone so I'm happy whoever wins. Glad the ball was returned. Happy Japanniversary! eek that means it's been almost 16 years since my exchange to Paraguay - does NOT seem that long ago. How time flies...

  2. Happy anniversary! That's a long time :-)


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