Cotton Time for Melanie

We have a winner! # 3 Melanie!! congrats, you've won the craft magazine giveaway! make sure I get your address please. Use the 'drop me a line' link on the sidebar of my blog here to send me an email or contact (at) Thanks for entering everyone! Anyone else who wants an old magazine is welcome to send me their address. I have SO MANY magazines I don't need. If you don't mind them being old issues and perhaps with the freebies missing ...
Blogger Melanie said...
definitely like how they include the patterns to pretty much everything you see inside


  1. Would you really send along a few magazines? I didn't enter this giveaway because of all the luck, I'd bought that issue when I was in Sydney! I've been wanting to see Cotton Time in person for so long, I was thrilled to finally have my hands on one. And the fabric freebie was so pretty! Not sure if I'll ever get making one of the projects though :P

  2. awesome, mail has hopefully been sent!

  3. Great Melanie! I got your email!

    Jacs! yep I will send some for you! make sure I have your current address, you haven't moved have you?

  4. Thank you and no I haven't, but I'll email you anyways (sorry I forgot to come back and check on this post until now)


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