DIY craft - sew your own boy's velcro-close coin wallet

I had some time yesterday so set my sights on creating a tutorial to share. Lately I've been sewing these boy's coin purses. Little Guy has the original one of these from years ago. He still uses it all the time and it still looks great. If you'd like to try your hand at making one visit Mee a to download the tutorial. It's just pictures this time, not me talking. 

Eeek I watched that video of me from a few years ago (making a boy's backpack) and cringed, I really cringed hearing myself on camera! Luckily or unluckily the company that was hosting the video online has gone bust so we can't access it anymore.

click here to access the download page on mee a

This type of 'wallet' is excellent for young boys since they love shiny coins. Coins won't slip out since the velcro is nice and tight. It's still easy for little hands to open.

Little Guy still hasn't quite cottoned on to the fact that the 'paper money' is worth more. He is most happy to get a 100 yen coin and even happier to get a 50 yen coin - that's a fun one with a hole in the centre.

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  1. I discovered that my son had thrown out most of his "otoshidama" one year because it was 1,000 yen notes and therefore he asssumed it wasn't real money! Luckily I discovered it before rubbish day and offered to give him some coins in exchange for his notes. A good swap from my point of view!


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