Exploring Fabric - Cotorienne by Yuwa designed by Anyan

When I see a new and cool fabric I always want to know the story behind it. I spotted this fantastic yellow design called "Oasis" on the True Up website - of course I had to find out more.

This fabric is part of a new line just released in Japan in February 2012. It's produced by Yuwa under the name Cotorienne and is the first commercial textile line of designer / illustrator Anyan. You can read more about the designer and view the range on the Cotoreinne website. There are also some free patterns under the recipe tab.

The designer maintains a very attractive but minimal blog (with wonderful pictures) where I read that this particular design was inspired by the events of 2011 - I can only assume he referred to the Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami since he mentions the combined strength and power of the animals overcoming a great difficulty. I like that.

I also love the fact that Anyan studied French literature at university. As far as I can glean there wasn't much in the way of work in that field so he turned to drawing. He's published a few books and works as a professional designer for a number of well-known firms. Lots of his illustrations have French-Japanese names which appealed to me. I saw one illustration called Nousagi - a combination of nou = we or us in French and usagi - meaning rabbit in Japanese. The illustration featured rabbits in French-style striped t shirts! Go and visit Cotorienne to learn the meaning of that word!

I probably wouldn't be using any of this fabric to make my messenger bags for Mee a Bee since it's mostly 100% cotton (oxford) & (sheeting). I almost always use fabrics that combine linen as well. Still I do love to build my imaginary personal fabric stash.


  1. Thanks for the post Jackie- I bought the very same fabric in Kyoto in April when I came to visit my son. I am so pleased to have some background on it. It caught my because it was made up into the sweetest book bag in the fabric store! I dont know what I am going to use it for as yet!!
    Heather x

  2. I'm so glad you found some Heather - it must have been hot off the press then! I hope you had a great time in Japan (sorry I still have your email here waiting to reply ...)


  3. How gorgeous, I love the Fluffy range as well. Just beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing, tho' it does make me jealous!!

    qotfu72 at yahoo dot com dot au

  4. K (aged 4) was looking at this over my shoulder and said 'Oh, what lovely fabric!'. Hee hee...


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