I spend a lot of time waiting for my kids - Kindle to the rescue

Lately I've been reading - a lot - since I bought a KINDLE from Amazon! How exciting to finally be going a little high-tech. I can read in the car while I am waiting for Little Guy at kindergarten, or while I am waiting for him at  his swimming lessons, or while I am waiting for Noodle to get out of my office (to finish his homework) - I spend a lot of time WAITING for those kids!

I tossed and turned over what to get - an iPad, an iPhone...there are so many cool devices now. I thought carefully about what I wanted to be able to do. In the end I realised I like reading. I can download books much cheaper than I can buy them now, some are even free. I can also send PDF documents to Kindle to read. I have Wi-Fi in the house so it connects easily. With the dollar to yen exchange rate Kindle was surprisingly cheap!

So far I am loving having millions of marketing and business textbooks at my fingertips. Kindle has an awesome feature where you can try a sample of a book before committing to actually buy. I have saved heaps by not making rash spur-of-the-moment purchases - a lot of books sound better in the blurb than they turn out to be. If I get to the end of the sample, usually the first chapter, and still want more then I have the option of buying the whole book. Since I am trying to BUDGET I have been adding a lot of books to my wish-list.

Here's the first book I got and loved: Brand Like a Rock Star.
It's such a good read and from quite a unique perspective for marketing. You can get the companion book free.

A friend warned me that the kids would want to get their dirty mitts all over the Kindle. I avoided that problem by buying the most basic model (again it's my budget kicking in) - it is all black and white, has no sound and is not a touch-screen - it holds no appeal for either of my kids!


  1. The awesome thing about a Kindle is that if you do ever get an iPhone you can download the Kindle app and then read books with your Kindle or iPhone. I am loving mine!

    Try the book "Easily Amused". I think it was a dollar.

  2. great suggestion Sarah - IF ONLY I could get that iPhone!!!


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