Jubilee preparations - looking good!

Hello friends! Are you excited about the Jubilee weekend? It's been a huge week of preparations for me - cleaning and cooking! My freezer is bulging with scones, cupcakes, gingerbread and chocolate cake. My vegetable drawer is slowly filling with delicious things like zucchini (not so common here in Japan). I have read every recipe book in my collection a dozen times. I think I am all set for food. I have the sweets all sorted - on Saturday I will be whipping cream and adding the final touches to everything.  The savories are almost all decided. I still have one recipe I want to check out, for sausage rolls.

I've already cleaned the kitchen from head to toe but since I have been in there all week it will need another going over. I have decorated our main space as you can see. And I have already pulled out all my serving dishes, plates and tea cups. We're looking good!

I just need to plan what to wear and I'll be set. I hope you can make it!


  1. is zucchini not popular down there? we live on up here, it is just starting to come into season, love the stuff, in fact I had some for lunch!

    I have made some bunting and that is about it... a slacker, that's me! we might make some cupcakes this afternoon.

  2. We hardly see it Jo! and when I do it's not cheap :(

    slacker!! you're the Brit!!


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